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Research & Development

Network Alliances

To ensure their clients an available and continuous work flow, with little or no “computer down time”, EZ 2000 enjoys broad network alliances with a multitude of internet-based and other telecommunications-based vendors, including AT&T, Crexendo Internet Phone Systems, Central Data Storage Systems, Dell Computers, DentalXChange, Elavon, Imageworks, National Electronic Attachments, Patient Communicator, PayPros, Sota Imaging, Trans-First, Trojan Professional Services, and others.

Digital Dental Leader

In operation since 1985, EZ 2000 is in use by thousands of dentists nationwide for practice management and digital dentistry. The mission of EZ 2000 has been to create easy-to-use software integrated with quality yet affordable digital dental technology. This enables the dentist to increase production and collections without having to pay a 'fortune' to accomplish these goals. A Solid Digital Dental System together with Solid Training and Support is the key in making EZ 2000 the success it is today.

EZ 2000 has invested considerably in research and development. This allows EZ2000 to stay on top of the industry's technological developments. EZ 2000 has made substantial investments in establishing the finest Customer Support organization in the industry, which enables EZ 2000 to develop the highest quality product possible. EZ 2000's customer service representatives are well-versed in all aspects of its systems. They are qualified to answer any question regarding software issues, hardware issues, networking, electronic claims, and even certain areas of general dental practice management. If required, they are also equipped & qualified to remotely access the client's computer and analyze any customer problems or issues, perform remote access training, or download updates directly from EZ 2000's main PC to the client’s.

Quality Assurance

The stringent quality assurance measures employed by EZ 2000 translates into a 98% scheduled up-time record for their clients. EZ 2000's network provides accessibility 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, by means of its informative and support oriented Website: EZ 2000's attention to technical infrastructive detail is also apparent in their Client Support Service Center, available during normal business hours, where they utilize the most advanced technology available. EZ 2000 incorporates automatic call distribution with sophisticated technical support software to enable their highly trained support and customer service representatives to accommodate all of their customers' needs.

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