"We use virtually every feature of this marvellous program: Scheduling, Recall, Birthday letters, Eclaims, Intra-Oral Camera, and our Clio X-ray sensors. You name it - we use it. We have been using it since 1985 and just recently upgraded to digital for the operatories. It really does manage our dental practice most efficiently."

Moses Belgrade, DDS

Beverly Hills, CA

(310) 276-2516

"We started out with 1 Digital X-Ray sensor and loved it so much that we just ordeed another 2 sensors. Definitely worth the investment as the ROI is excellent! Patients love it. Staff loves it. I love it! I see our practice using EZ 2000 and x-ray sensors for many years to come. We are making use of all its other features such as eClaims, intraoral camera, perio charting, treatment planning and the new color coded scheduler - fantastic "

            Kenneth Khuu, DDS, Bakersfield, CA

                           (559) 324-5350