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MW HD Intra-Oral Camera

Similar Cameras Cost

$1,000 to $1,500


Our Camera Price:


includes camera, pack of sheaths, cradle, special driver interface to SotaImagin and ClioSoft for camera button 1 click capture.

Upgrade to the new

Claris i4D

• Precision optics with focal range of 1 mm-infinity for

  macro to full facial shots

• Precision controlled sliding focus

• 8 white LED lights

• Ergonomic hand-piece that weighs only 2.4 oz

• Silicon capture button for image stability

• Integrates seamlessly with almost all

  dental imaging software.

• Secure Monster® USB cable connection

• Light ON/OFF capability available with special order

Reg. $3,795     On Sale:  $2,495

Capture images via seamlessly integrated bridge from EZ 2000 to : Cliosoft by Sota Imaging and many other popular imaging software systems.

Comes with: 6 Ft. USB Camera Cable, Pack of Sterile Sheaths, Camera Cradle, Installation Instructions.

Submit captured images as electronic attachments with elecronic claims; USB Direct interface; Ultra-High Resolution; Fixed Auto Focus; 6 Foot Cord Length; No docking station required.Twain Driver Interface included.


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