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Digital Dental System Special


The $9,995 special (on the left) includes 1 carted computer for 1 exam room.


If you have additional exam rooms that have an overhead x-ray unit or not, you may add an additional carted computer so that you may simply unplug the sensor from exam room 1 and plug it into the computer in exam room 2. (This saves on buying a 2nd sensor).

Even if the room is used only for hygiene or exams without x-ray taking, you may still want to be able to view the patient's record, including their existing x-rays, etc. This add-on includes all-in-one computer with cart, and additional network license for that station.

ADD: ADULT SENSOR $5,995 or $5,495 for PEDO

                 (reg. price=  $8,995 and $7,995)

For larger offices with many exam rooms capable of taking x-rays, it is recommended to have additional sensors. For example, if you have 6 exam rooms and can take x-rays in all 6 it is recommended to get 2 adult sensors and 1 pedo and then share the 3 sensors among the 6 exam rooms via hot swapping in and out of the 6 computers.

Reg. $19,990

Half-Price Special

only $ 9,995.00 

or only $233 per month

with no money down;

no payment for 90 days;

and $1 guaranteed buyout at end of lease

EZ 2000 Plus Dental Software, Dell i5 All-in-One Computer with Touch Screen, 8 GB RAM, Solid State Hard Disk Drive, Integrated 10/100 Ethernet Interface, Integrated Intel 3D Graphics Card, Wireless Mouse and Keyboard,  Widescreen Monitor, M/S Windows 11 Pro operating system,
3 Yrs. onsite Dell warranty, Mobile
Cart for Operatory-Exam Room, Networking from exam room to front desk, Clio Prime Digital X-ray Sensor, 
Set of Rinn positioners, Sheaths,
Sota-Image Imaging Software, 1 MW HD

Intra- Oral Camera, Seamless Bridge Software (from EZ 2000 to ClioSoft), Installation onsite, Full Day Training.

NOTE: Requires Cable Internet Connection to existing Router which is not included; Your local electrician can do this or we can recommend someone for you.

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color screen 2.JPG
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