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Dental Supplies & Equipment

@ Reduced Prices

EZ 2000 has teamed up with a full service dental supplies company, TPC DENTAL, for special discounts to be passed down to our EZ 2000 clients.

As an EZ 2000 dental client, you are eligible to purchase all dental supples and equipment in the TPC DENTAL SUPPLIES & EQUIPMENT catalog at a full 25% discount off the retail prices shown.

This can amount to tremendous savings for any office, especially for start up practices.

Simply do the following to order your supplies and equipment at 25% discount:

Just click below to go to the TPC Dental online catalog. Decide what you want to purchase. Then complete the Order Form on the last page of the catalog. DO NOT fax it to PC directly, as you will be charged the full retail price. INSTEAD: Fax it to EZ 2000 at 310-362-0301. Enter the full retail catalog total cost on the bottom of the invoice and then underneath that total cost, make sure to write: 25% EZ 2000 DISCOUNT EZ 2000 will then process the order for you and your items will ship directly from the TPC Dental Supply warehouse.

At 25% Off !

25% Off All Dental Supplies & Equipment

* NEW *

Discounted Telephone Systems


Ultrasonic Scaler

with insert


Save Money

Catalog Price: $650.00

Your Price: $487.50

Savings: 25%

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