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Electronic Claims

Attachments via N.E.A.

EZ 2000 interfaces with Trojan DrDirect for Electronic Claims which uses FastAttach by NEA (National Electronic Attachments, Inc.)

This joint solution enables EZ 2000 dentists to create a single uniquely-numbered electronic envelope containing all requested documents needed for patient record reviews via digitally captured or scanned images, print capture, screen capture, direct upload and file import.

FastAttach is the most reliable method of transmitting secure electronic attachments with your eClaims trransactions.

FastAttach enables EZ 2000 Dentists to transmit attachments in support of electronic dental claims processing by insurance carriers via the Internet. NEA stores these attachments for future access by the payor when the claim is adjudicated. Types of attachments include: X-rays, Intra-Oral Camera images, Lab reports, EOBs, Narratives, Operative reports, Dentist's notes, Periodontal charts and any other document required to process a dental claim.

FastAttach securely transmits electronic claims attachments through the Internet to NEA’s repository. Once the attachment is received, a confirmation report is immediately transmitted back to the provider for tracking purposes. The electronic claims attachments are stored for insurance carriers and are available to their consultants for review.



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