Packed with Stunning Features

Online Patient Forms, 3D Movable Teeth, text Messaging, E-mail, Mobile

App, Kiosk, Signature Pads, Multipage Scanning, And much much more.

Bridges to Nearly Everything

60+ Imaging Bridges, 12+ Clearinghouses, Reminder Software, QuickBooks, HL7 Medical Software, Electronic Billing, Credit Card Processing, M/S Word, Excel, Access, Various Plug-ins.

Fast and Stable

Microsoft .NET Framework, Modern MySQL Database.

EZ to use & Quick to start using; Fully featured w/ fully integrated practice management and digital imaging

Chairside Color 3D Graphic Tooth charting with Movable Teeth; Color Coded Appointment Scheduler; Multiple rooms and/or providers

Make, move, delete appts. quickly; Patient Ledger with matching Color Graphic Tooth Chart

Credit card (merchant) interface for direct credit card capture of patient payments;  Avoids costly credit card terminals and slow telephone connected payment terminals;  Avoids duplicate entering of payment into billing software

 Comes with USB card swiper that is attached to side of computer monitor

 Daily credit card journal; Patient and Insurance payments; Individual and/or Family billing

Breakdown of patient vs. insurance due on bills; Pre-determine insurance benefits at walkout time

Full integration with Trojan Benefit Determination & Managed Care & DentiFi & Online Collections

Electronic Insurance Claims with all carriers; Electronic attachments (perio charts, x-rays, camera pics, etc.)

Patient walkout and monthly statements to individual or all at once

Custom Report Writer with unlimited queries - thousands pre-wrioteen to choose from

Access any information anytime from anywhere with remote access

Obtain any and all information on custom reports; Recall cards or letters or labels – birthday, thank you, welcome, recall, missed appointments; Customize your own recall card messages

ASAP & Recall Appointment List; View past collection and production by date, by month, by week, or any period

Comes with built in medical billing module for oral surgeons and other specialists

Allows printing or Eclaims of ADA and Medicaid and Dentical and HCFA forms

Comes with Diagnosis Codes library (ICD9,10) and CDT latest ADA Procedure Codes

Treatment Planning with graphic depiction of teeth in full color

Get more patients to come back by using treatment plans; Set up multiple treatment plans

Print out treatment plan with insurance estimate; Make it easy for patient to understand the patient portion due vs. ins amounts

Perio Charting: Full color; Record mobility, furcation, missing teeth, existing conditions; May be sent with eclaim as electronic attachment); Record probing depths & Perio conditions; Perio graph may be used as patient education tool; EZ to print Perio exams

Monthly Statements with customizable messages; Word processor with mail-merge; Health history for dental and medical conditions; Direct email integration for patient emailing; Attachments module capture/store documents and picture or other digital files

Prescription Writing; Track patient prescriptions history with integrated prescription writing.

Easily refill patient’s prescriptions; EZ 2000 licensed by the ADA; thus all codes are preloaded into EZ 2000

No need to add any ADA codes as they are already all preloaded; But You have ability to add more

View or print a wide array of practice management reports such as: Number of times procedures are performed in specific date range

Recall reports based on next exam due, prophy due, and/or next specialty visit due; Outstanding Treatment Plans

Allergies listing for all patients; Referral source listing for all patients; All patients seen for particular date range

Family – patient cross reference listing; Remaining deductible report; Accounts receivable report showing breakdown of patient vs. ins. Due

History listing by patient; List by specific date range or tooth number or CDT code range; Day Sheet showing all procedures performed for day; & bank deposit report; Daily log of all deletions/corrections made by computer users for doctor’s protection

Embezzlement-proof reports; Production codes analysis; Patient Zip codes analysis; Write-off and disallow analysis

Production / Collection analysis; Payment codes analysis; Procedure history analysis;  Adjustment code analysis