EZ 2000 fully integrates with all Trojan Services.

What if I told you that I know of an entire team of professionals who are qualified experts, who would willingly work overtime for your practice.

And what if I told you that if hired, this team of experts could help your practice effectively, and immediately increase your bottom line?

You would probably say it sounds too good to be true. Or you might ask, "Where on earth would I find a team like that?"

You'll find them at Trojan Professional Services.

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DrDirect Electronic Claims

How Does it Work?   Claims are simply batched in your computer. At your command, DrDirect will automatically dial the clearinghouse, transmit your claims, disconnect and return to your program. Trojan upholds an acceptance rate of at least 98%. This assures our clients the HIGHEST QUALITY transmissions available.

Trojan Provides:  Easy installation, Simple training, Unlimited support, Timely upgrades

You receive (electronically) important information including:

Claims tracking at no additional charge; Requests for additional information (x-rays)

Payment information; Electronic pre-determinations

The power of DrDirect means you:  Receive payments faster; Avoid middle-men and third party delays of your transmissions or requests from the payers; Retrieve status and inquiry reports on a daily basis at no additional charge; Benefit from automatic error-checking on each claim before it leaves your office

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