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Multiple Computer Dental System

only $8,995.00

or lease to buy @ $209 / month for 60 mos.

No Money Down; Zero Payments for 90 Days; One Dollar Buyout


EZ 2000 Plus #1 Rated Dental Software

Multi User Version for 2 computers; 8 hours Training; 2 X Dell i5 Computers each containing: 8 GB RAM, 1 TB Hard disk drive, Integrated 10/100 Ethernet Interface, Integrated Intel 3D Graphics Card, Mouse, Keyboard, Dell Widescreen Ultra-Sharp Digital 24 in. Flat Panel Monitor, M/S Windows 11 operating system,
All-in-One PC as shown, Wireless Mouse and Keyboard, 
LaserJet Color printer, USB printer cable. NOTE: Requires Cabled Internet Connection and Router

brother laser.JPG
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